Welcome to 2010 CRLA Conference - Salt Lake City
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Karen Mathews

Melissa Burgess

Russ Hodges




Rick Steppboiling

Dorothy Briggs

Dorothy Chase http://preziatcsn.pbworks.com
CRLA 2010 Agenda

Iris Strune

Mary Bogan

Loleta Collins

Lee Mclain

Saundra McGuire
Steve Piscitelli

Debra Fetner

Deborah Spradlin

Lisa Allison

Bobbi Bowman Preparing the Online Learning --gasp -- ONLINE!

Kay Gregory

Edwin Neives

Bailey Smith

Maggi Miller

Melissa Burgess

Kirsten Corbin & Shannon Pries

David Caverly - Research-Based Best Practices in Teaching Developmental Reading

Lucy MacDonald - Highlights: Learning Center Web Sites