Welcome to CRLA's 45th Conference

Houston, Texas

Exploring New Angles on Students and Diversity

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Title and Presenter

The Disappearing Men of Color in Higher Education

Keynote Speaker: Victor B. Sáenz

Effective Debriefing Tools and Techniques

Keynote Speaker: Michelle Cummings

eTextbooks: What's the Reading Angle?

Presented by: Lucy MacDonald - Florida State College Jacksonville

Using TRPP to Develop Innovative Practice

Presented by: Martha E. Casazza, Ed.D, Sharon L. Silverman, Ed.D., TRPP Associates,LLC

A Reading Teacher's Mathematics Adventure

Presented by: Linda Russell - Minneapolis Community & Technical College

Program Marketing: Building Partnerships

Presented by: Barbara Freitas - Mohave Community College

It's Not Just About What You Say: Non-Verbal Communication

Presented by: Uche Ukuku, Graduate Assistant, Mark Walvoord, Director, Student Learning Center - The University of Oklahoma

Enhancing Student Leader Development and Student Support Services through Shared Leadership

Presented by: Rachel Heiser - Bryn Mawr College

An Academic Coaching Manual: Putting Theory into Practice

Presented by: Lisa Johns, Kathy Wilkins, Stella Abuabara, and Sapna Naik - The University of Texas at San Antonio

Innovations in Tutoring: The Creation and Growth of a Centralized Peer-Volunteer Tutoring Center

Presented by: Elizabeth Coghill, Donna J.C. Davis - East Carolina University

Designing and Teaching a Combined Reading and Writing Course

Presented by: Mitchel Burchfield - Southwest Texas Junior College
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Rethinking Higher Education for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Presented by Brittany Joseph, M.Ed. and Lauren Kelley, Ph.D. - Owens Community College

Supplemental Instruction in the Spotlight: Recruiting, training and supervising outstanding student leaders

Pre-Conference Institute presented by Bonita de Leon and Maggie Floyd - University of Texas at San Antonio.
Additional resources at the presenters' wiki at

Framework for Learning: The Accelerated Learning Angle

Presented by: Pamela Womack, Brian Reeves, and Sharon Miller - Lone Star College
A map for designing and implementing memorable instruction so that learning sticks! Session

Code-Switching: Theory and Practice for Reading and Writing Classrooms

Presented by: Kristin Black - Truman College
Link to online presentation It might take a minute or two to load because of high-resolution images, but you should be able to expand the presentation to full screen and zoom around at will. Please send me an email if you have any trouble.
Many of the design elements in the presentation can be downloaded for free from Fuzzimo. Please email me if there are any other documents or resources you need (address also listed in the Handout at left).

Implementing an Early Alert System

Presented by: Karen Hamman - Bloomsburg University

Diversity and Collaboration through Reading in the Disciplines

Presented by: Jason S. Todd - Xavier University of Louisiana

Finding the Right Angle: Getting Your CRLA Conference Proposal Accepted

Presented by: Diana Calhoun Bell - University of Alabama in Huntsville and Melissa Thomas - College of Charleston

It Takes a Counselor in the Village

Presented by: Dana Woods, Joyce Jacobs, Ingrid Wallace, and Sharon Lockett - Lee College

A Novel Way to Motivate and Engage Students

Presented by: Essie Childers - Blinn College

Lunch With A Mentor - Roberta Shotka / for Rick Sheets

Draft of the Standards and Learning Outcomes for Tutor Training Topics

Lunch with a Mentor - David Caverly

Mobile Learning

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Metacognition: The Key to Expanding the Diversity of Learning Center Promoters

Presented by: Saundra Y McGuire - Louisiana State University

College Literacy in Content Areas

Presented by: Victoria Appatova - University of Cincinnati

How to Teach Physics to Non-Physicists

Presented by: William Wolfs, University of Nevada Las Vegas; Chyna Miller, University of Nevada Las Vegas

Emerging Stars: A Summer Bridge Experience Involving Supplemental Instruction

Presented By: Lindley Workman Alyea & Carol W. Dochen - Texas State University-San Marcos

The Lesser of Two Evils: Required VS. Voluntary Supplemental Instruction (SI) and Impact on Demographics, Persistence, Self-Efficacy, and Motivation

Presented by: Lindley Workman Alyea - Texas State University-San Marcos

Helping Students Deal Effectively with Test Anxiety

Presented By: Darcy Barrick and Christelle Le Faucheur - University of Texas, Austin

Reading Across the Disciplines

Presented by: Deborah Kellner - University of Cincinnati

Tutor Training: 101

Presented by: Rimi Marwah and Megan Bavaro - University of Nevada Las Vegas

Exploring New Angles of Professional Development: Texas Voices on Credentialing

Presented by: Eric J. Paulson, Emily Miller Payne, Taylor W. Acee, David C. Caverly, Russ Hodges, Jodi Patrick Holschuh, Selina Vasquez Mireles, Emily J. Summers, Sydney Granger, and Jodi Lampi - Texas State University

CRLA Whitepaper: The Contexts of College Reading

Presented by: Jodi Patrick Holschuh and Eric J. Paulson - Texas State University

Grammar and Tutoring ESOL Students: Attention to Form, Meaning, and Use for Addressing Writing Weaknesses

Presented by: Helen Alexander--Cal State University, Fullerton, Saddleback Community College

Word Choice for Grad Students: Strategies to Address the Last Sign of Lack of Control in Writing

Presented by: Helen Alexander--Cal State University, Fullerton, Saddleback Community College

Contrastive Rhetoric and Learning Centers: Multicultural Awareness Raising Activities for Tutors and Tutees

Presented by: Helen Alexander--Cal State University, Fullerton, Saddleback Community College
*If you would like to use the contrastive writing samples I used as part of the presentation itself as part of your activities, please contact me.

Participatory Assessment in Developmental Education

Presented by: Andrea M. Rehak - Indiana University

Evidence-Based Practice in Writing Centers

Presented by: Rebecca Day Babcock - The University of Texas of the Permian Basin

Transforming Student-Athletes Into Life-Long Readers & Thinkers

Presented by: Meredith Breitling - Texas A&M University

Ten More Alternatives to the Boring Classroom

Presented by: Latoya Hardman, Caroline Jamroz, and Donna Willingham - Lone Star College-Tomball