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Revolutionizing Learning to Enhance
Student Success

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Rethinking the Tutors' Role in Preparing Students for College: A Community College's Response to Changes in Developmental Education
Presenters: Marie Basche & Laura Reale-Foley, Capital Community College, Hartford, CT

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A Successful Retention Model Used to Enhance Student Success for Academically Under Prepared Students
By Dr. Anna L. Dill
Terry McDowell
Ingrid Stallworth

Proving and Improving
Student Success
Dr. Randy Swing

Algebra and Personal Finance
Dr. Amit Dave
Mr. Cornell Grant

Revolutionizing Textbooks: one if by print. two if by "e"

Lucy MacDonald

Electronic Textbook Design Guidelines (2002)

Electronic Textbook Design Guidelines (2002)

Training Peer Tutors to Work with Unmotivated StudentsJasmine Case, Holly Hassemer, and Patti See

"International Mentor Training Program Certification" - PRECONFERENCE
Page Keller, CRLA Certifications Director
Heather Porter, IMTPC Coordinator

Teaching to the "Net Generation": Using Multmedia, Film and Literature in the Developmental Classroom
Jasmine Case, Holly Hassemer, and Patti See

Partnering for Student Success: Teaching Information Literacy through Collaboration
Stephanie Carter and Maura Keating

"International Mentor Training Program Certification" - CONCURRENT
Page Keller, CRLA Certifications Director

Rethinking Transitions in Higher Education: Interventions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).
Presented by: Lauren Kelley, Ph.D. and Brittany Joseph, M.Ed.

A Marriage of Convenience and Passion: A University and Community College Collaboration to Meet Community Needs
Presented by:
Kathryn Bartle Angus, Erica Bowers, Janet Bagwell and Angela Henderson

Selling the SI Culture
Presented by Ethel Swartzendruber

SI White Paper
Program Overview
Faculty Agreement

Exploring Online Academic Coaching for Adult Students: A Multi-Institution Grant-Funded Project
Carolyn Rogers and Meg Leake

Let's Talk Research
Martha Casazza and Sharon Silverman

Creating an Absent Professor Program to Supplement and Market Your Learning Commons
Michael Frizell

The Faculty Connection: The Importance of Instructor Engagement in Peer Tutoring Programs
Tom Doumaux and Robin Melendez

Map the Way to Success in Math: A Hybridization of Tutoring and SI Support
Evin Deschamps

Nonviolent Communication
Valerie Barbaro

Infusing Disciplinary Literacy into Developmental Education Courses
Jodi Patrick Holschuh
Sherrie Nist-Olejnik
Jodi Lampi

Fostering Buy-in For Strategic Learning: The Role of Beliefs about Knowledge
Jodi Patrick Holschuh
Betty Potter Hubbard

Twenty Years of Enhancing Online Student Success
Amy Buechler-Steubing
Siri Sorensen

Transforming Training for Peer Leaders Using Brain-Based Learning
Heather Porter, Salisbury University
hdporter@salisbury.edu (Please contact with questions)

Assessing and Addressing Barriers; Implications for Today's College Classroom
Dorothy A. Osterholt
Sophie Lampard Dennis

CAS Assessment: Using Student Learning Outcomes to Transform Program Evaluation
Karen S. Agee

Cognitive and Non-Cognitive Qualities of Successful Academic Coaches
Lisa Johns & Sapna Naik

Creative Learning with a Flipped Classroom

Megan Dotson & Sanci Teague

Prezi Link:

How Technology is Revolutionizing College Reading

Sally Lipsky

Everyday Data: Collecting and Using Information in The Learning Center
Bernard Grindel & Tracy Hallstead

Cognitive Psychology In the Academic Support Meeting
Cynthia Carroll

Using Technology to Personalize, Not Dehumanize, Services

Shelby Schaefer & Ann Stenglein
Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

LMU Academic Resource Center
For more information or materials, please contact Shelby Schaefer.

Students Supporting Students: Integrating Student Leaders into Academic and Student Support Programming

Jessica Smestad and Beth Odahlen

The Challenges of Hyperreading: Supporting Student Success

Michelle Amos and Joseph Evering

Reading-Writing-Serving Connection

Ann Palmer

When Iceberg is a Verb:metaphors as elaboration strategies. Erin O'Brien

College Students Can Complete Their Reading on Time and with In-Depth Learning and Engagement - If They Know How

Marne Isakson and Richard Isakson

Performance Assesment of Metacognitive Awareness (PAMA)

Marne Isakson and Kenneth Plummer

Using the Flipped classroom Model in a College Reading Course

Marne Isakson and Kenneth Plummer

Reading Between the Lines: A Metacognitive Approach to Deep Reading

Allen Williams and Leonard Geddes

Let's Build Something Together: Creating An Integrated Reading and Writing Course
Maggi Miller and Ann Wolf