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Lucy MacDonald,
What are you app to use for math, writing, tutoring, studying?
Lunch with a Mentor

What are you app to use for math, writing, tutoring, studying?
Lucy MacDonald and Gretchen Starks-Martin

Navigating Textbook Study Reading

Navigating Textbook Study Reading
Lucy MacDonald
Technology Resources for the LACM SIG

Andrea Graves: Graduate Test Prep - create a program on your campus

Andrea Graves: Graduate Test Prep - create a program on your campus

Erin Wheeler
Mission Possible: Training SI Leaders to Be Better Students

Sally Lipsky: Training College Tutors and Peer Educators

Hannah Bergren & Carol Scott: Building Your Ship: Creating a Positive Workplace Environment for Tutors

Dr. David C. Caverly, Erika K. Nielson, & Ren VanderLind
Navigating Professional Development for Teaching Integrating Reading and Writing

Ren VanderLind & Erika K. Nielson
Navigating Mental Health and Mindfulness to Strengthen Student Success

Tiffanie Douglas & Michael Saenz, Alli Audd and Ariane Lemieux (Super Leaders)
It's a Bird! It's a Plane! It's a Super Leader!

Shawn O'Neil
Meeting in the Cloud: Navigating online services for distance students

Kathryn Klopfleisch, Celeste Mazur, & Lisa Hanes Goodlander
Textbook Circles in Developmental Reading Classrooms and Learning Communities

Jennifer Koshnick and Kate Chandler Ernst
Creating Content-Specific In-Class Workshops

Heather Porter, Salisbury University
Peers Helping Students Successfully Navigate Learning

Chyna Miller & Eric Mason, University of Nevada Las Vegas
"Knowing Your Own Backyard": Applying Pareto's Principle to Learning Support Services

"Read, Write and Succeed: Building Non-Cognitive Skills through Learning Communities"
Laurel Watt & Brenda Landes

All Points North: A Compass for Interactive Tutor Training Sessions

Kim DeMur, Marissa Loon, & Kelley Tiarks

Mapping the Past, Navigating the Future
Kristie O'Donnell, Tamara Shetron

Laura Everett & Cassandra Hirdes
Using the CAS Review Process to Steer Strategic Planning

Jon Mladic, Kellie Smith, Melissa Thomas & Tina Kondopoulos
The 5 Habits of a Successful Learning Assistance Center Manager (LACM SIG Pre-Conference Seminar)

Renee Dimino, Judi Salsburg Taylor, & Dr. David Caverly
Navigating Change: A Shift Toward Integrated Reading and Writing

Navigating the Language of Math: Using Active Reading Strategies AnnWolf

Academic Literacy: Navigating Integrated Reading and Writing
Jeanine Williams and Sharon Hayes

Navigating the Sociocultural Terrain of College Reading
Sharon Hayes, Haleh Harris, Nancy Parker, Jeanine Williams

Virtual Tutoring
Jane Carvajal

Texas Two-Step: Navigating the IRW Course from Placement to Completion
Maggi MIller

Learning Annotation Through Group Negotiation
Patricia Gage and Althea Danielski, Saint Paul College

Making Interactive Videos - Dorothy Chase

Success Coaching: A Compass for Student Success & Retention
Pamela Runge, Harford Community College

Emerging Technologies and Information Literacy in Online Learning
Dr. Roseann Torsiello