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Saundra McGuire
Facilitating and Tracking Student Transitions: Keys to the Future of Learning Assistance Programs

Megan Dotson
Making Learning a Process, Not a Product, Through Differentiation

Page Keller

Lea Beth Lewis
Tracking Student Success w/ Technology and Assessment

Shawn O'Neil
"Tracking Tutor Growth: Developing Standards, Outcomes and Assessments"

Bonnie Ostrand & Cassandra Feidt
Professional Development for Students through the Leadership Academy Program

Learning Assistance Center Managers’ Perspectives on Tracking Student Transitions
Erica Ellard, Tina Kondopoulos, Maureen McCoy, Jon Mladic, Sheila Mullooly

Aligning Tutoring Center Objectives, Practice, & Assessment: From Theory to Practice
Jenn Grimm & Taia Reid

Amy Buechler-Steubing, Jessica Jones, and Wendy Simmerman
"The Triple Crown: Engaged, Involved, Online"

Neva Lozada, Monmouth University
"The Benefits of SI for the SI Leader"

Effective Teaching, Reflective Teaching: Documenting Transitions in Student Growth
Lori Saxby and Linda Russell

Using Literacy Strategies to Help Students Transition to Math Application
Victoria Appatova, Ann Wolf, Linda Russell

Tracking Student Development: Incorporating Critical Thinking into Tutoring.
Julie Hohmann & Maureen R. McCoy

Integrated Reading and Writing: a Best Practice for Multilingual Learners
Sara Baker

"From Student Workers to Prepared Professionals: Training and Evaluating Tutors" - Kyla Shannon
and Brandi Willis Schreiber | TECHniques Center | Texas Tech University

Data Tracking and Strategies for Graduate Student Success
Erica Ellard

Working with Adult Students with AD/HD
Rachel Traxler & Katie Ericson

Tracking a Large-Scale Retention Program 2007-Present: The Back on Track Program (BOT)

Donna McGee Thompson and Ruth Silverman

Captaining Change in Rough Waters
Elizabeth Scarborough (Sinclair Community College)

Training and Supporting Faculty Teaching Accelerated, Integrated Reading and Writing Courses
Jeanine Williams, Sharon Moran Hayes, and Denise