Assessment in Online Courses

Resources & Examples

This is my favorite site for quickly creating quizzes, games, surveys, and even simple class websites. All the activities are fill-in-the-blank templates and when finished, each one has it's own URL. Quizzes are automatically graded and go directly into your Quiz gradbook. The site is VERY user friendly with lots of great features. It does cost $50 per year, but it's well worth it. There is also a free public space where you can access what other teachers have created. (JulieHutchin)


If you want mastering learning, you may want to let the students do the quiz as many times as they want. Here's how it works. I tell the students that I will only count the first grade. I only gave them their total score, without saying which ones were wrong. Imagine my surprise when students did the test over and over again until they got 100! Couldn't do that in a face to face class!