Favorite Web Resources

Here is a place to add your favorite links that don't necessarily fall into any of the other categories.

Ever get frustrated because you hear about so many great websites but can't keep track of them? Or you have a "favorities" list a mile long? Or you need something from your favorites list, but you're on a different computer? Well, here is the solution. This very cool website easily helps you organize and tag all your weblinks- then they're stored on the Internet so you always have access to them. And you can sort them by your key words so you can always find what you want. And you can add a del.icio.us button to your toolbar so that whenever you find a good website you can automatically add it to your list without opening up the site. And it's free. Way cool. JHutchin

This portal has links to study strategies at colleges around the world. The second part of the site has study and writing strategies organized by discipline areas. So howtostudy biology also includes how to write a lab report. Students are encouraged to share their thoughts, hints and tips by writing reviews. They can remain anonymous or be famous. These reviews are juried and edited as needed before being posted. To see what students are saying, click on the READ icon next to any link. Lucy MacDonald

Note: I've sent my DevEd Reading students to do "field trips" -- Lucy's idea -- to different places on the howtostudy site and they think it's awesome! JHutchin

dxmastree.gifAcademic Christmas Carols are awaiting at the howtostudy site. Check out the blog to find which disciplines have songs. How about Chemistry's I'm Dreaming of a White Precipitate! Students could make use of the season and study for finals at the same time!

ESL Independent Study Lab
If you have ESL students who ask for resources, direct them to this award winning site. There are links to over 250 of the best ESL study sites, clearly annotated and organized by skill and level. They won't need to go much farther than here. Julie

This web portal, LSCHE (Learning Support Centers in Higher Education) has a wealth of online teaching and student learning resources that can be integrated in online courses for student support. For these specific resources, choose Resources, Online Teaching Learning. Please do not use this link in your course but preview the individual resource and add its URL to your course as an external link.