Professional Development

Technology Institute for Developmental Educators (TIDE) is a week long institute where you can learn more about how to integrate technology into Online Teaching and Learning, blended (hybrid) courses, as well as F2F (face-to-face) on-campus courses. While this is an unabashed advertisement, contact some of the members of this Wiki for testimonials. Dave

I wholeheartedly recommend TIDE! I attended summer 06 and it was hands-down the best personal and professional learning experience since graduate school more than ten years ago. If I could scrape together the money I'd go again this summer! Julie H.

If you've never gone to TIDE, you've missed out on one of the best professional learning experiences ever! I was exposed to ideas that have allowed me to create a hybrid course that will be fun, challenging, and relevant. If I can manage to coerce my administration to allow interstate travel next year, I'd love to come back. Jessica N (TIDE 2008)