"Sink or Swim: How to Design, Organize, and Teach Online Effectively"

presentation by Julie Hutchin and Kathy Chatfield, Clark College, Vancouver WA Oct. 2007

Here is the PowerPoint slideshow of the "Sink or Swim" presentation from the 2007 CRLA conference. However, all of the research, resources/examples, and tips on the slides, plus more, are also listed on the Topics pages of this wiki. I encourage you to go to each page by clicking in the yellow box on the left.

"Sink or Swim" PowerPoint Slide Show

Making Online Instruction Work for Developmental Students

Keynote Presentation at MNADE September 2008
Lucy's ideas for a new model of Distance Education for Developmental Students. Lucy's rebuttal to those who say that online courses are not for developmental ed students

Hybrid Courses that don't drive you and your students to distraction

preconference session by Lucy MacDonald 2007-2008