Lunch with a Mentor - Lucy MacDonald

Discussion includes what platforms are being used.

Free tutoring online resources.

Issues and Questions will be posted here after lunch! Probably even after dinner.

How to get started with tutoring online

Resources from previous conferences.

At Mt. San Antonio College we put this timeline together to show how we got started:

Tutoring Online CRLA Resource List - see who is doing what

(You can add your information on the appropriate page or start a new page. For help, contact lucy@lucyonline.com)

Adobe Connect

LinkSystems (Net Tutor)

CCCconfer (California)


How do tutors "tutor" online? What do they actually do? Is it just question and answers?

Tutoring can be synchronous (real time) or asynchronous (question and answer format). Tutors online do the same kinds of things face-to-face tutors do: they ask questions, provide examples and models, and help students become independent learners. Synchronous tutoring usually involves a whiteboard, screen sharing, and text chat; many platforms also allow for audio and video.

Online Tutor Training

(Thanks to Lucy MacDonald, Diana Fink at Miramar College and Deborah Hardwick at Houston Community College for all their help in finding training materials.)

PBS Teacherline Course

Math tutoring online

Science tutoring online

Here's an example of an online Geology session from Mt. SAC:

English papers online

Online writing session from Mt. SAC:

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